Fun + Unique Airbnb News


This post covers fun, interesting, and unique news from June 2019.

Airbnb Adventures: Search for UFOs, track lions with Airbnb

Unlike Airbnb Experiences which is stale and not exciting, as soon as I saw the Airbnb Adventures marketing campaign, I liked it. Essentially, you don’t need travel agents anymore. Everything is being brought in house at Airbnb and these trips are actually cool and unique.

For example, you can go around the world in 80 days for just $5K.

Let’s say I want to go on a safari in Africa. I have a few options:

  1. I can contact a travel agent and hope they’re good
  2. I can do a ton of research on my own
  3. I can use Airbnb Adventures

That’s a clear winner because nothing else exists exactly like Airbnb Adventures while a lot already exists for Airbnb Experiences which is just a copycat service.

Here is the official announcement about Airbnb Adventures.

You know it will be a giant success when the only criticism is that the price will be much higher than expected due to….the cost of the flight to get to the beginning destination. Hah! I predict: success.


Airbnb IPO: your guide to one of the most awaited IPOs of the year

This is a really great summary article of where Airbnb came from and about their IPO potential. Be sure to get in on the action as soon as you can!

Airbnb offers $24 tours of its company headquarters

It seems like an eternity when I worked at this office. It’s the coolest office I’ve ever seen.

If you’re a host in SF, be sure to offer it to your guests’. They can choose from a day-time or night-time tour of the Airbnb office with dinner option.